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Guidelines for Choosing the Best School for an ADS Child

There are prominent people in our communities who have ASD hence be inspired to give your child a chance to succeed too. A parent can enroll an ASD in a mainstream school or a “special school” for children who have this health condition. Take you child to a “special school” because of the learning difficulties and development delays that an ASD child has. The teacher-student ratio is high hence they teachers can monitor the progress of the child and understand the specific need that each one of them has. These are the tips for selecting the most appropriate school for ASD children.

There should be enough sources of funds in the school to meet the needs of the number of children they enroll. The school should have enough facilities for its kids so that they do not scramble for them. The school should have advanced security systems.

There should be a strict anti-bullying policy at the school that punishes offenders severely without discrimination against social class. Bullying affects the academic performance and emotional and mental development of the child especially if the child is vulnerable. Bullying has made kids to kill themselves, harm themselves and drop out of school.

Choose a boarding school if it is far away from your home. The child will find it challenging to persevere waking up earlier than normal, traveling over a long distance to and from school and getting home late after school daily.

Find a school that offers a balanced curriculum that will develop the talents, academics and social skills of the child. The kids need special speech, psychological and occupational therapies.

How does the school deal with complaints from parents? There should be an open channel of launching complaints in the school by the parents without fear that the parent or the child will be victimized. Some unprofessional administrators or teachers revenge through victimizing the child if the parents complains about them.

The teachers should involve the parents in the learning process of the children to promote their learning. The teachers should communicate regularly about the performance of the child and changes in behavior in the child whether positive or negative to the parents so that they can team up to help the child more.

If possible you can find out the experiences at the school of parents who have ASD children by talking to them. The parents will help you to know extra things that your kid will need that are not requested by the school for you to make a complete budget.

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